We like to embrace our quirks, be bold, and stand out.

We believe that business should be fun, we take the stress out of success.

We know you’re probably thinking,

‘Lycan Swipe Media? What is does that mean?

We chose the name to represent us and our mission for a few reasons.

1: Lycan / Lycanthropy is the study and transformation of werewolves.

2: Werewolves and wolves, in general, are really cool.

3: The symbolism of losing control and transformation means so much to us. Over the years we have worked with many business owners who go through phases of success and frustration over time.

4: It’s a play on words – ‘like and swipe’, as you do every day as you’re scrolling through social media. We know that social media can transform your business when used strategically.

Website Design Tasmania



Stacey Walker; collector of oddities and curiosities, and proud Ravenclaw. You can find her on the island of Tasmania, and most recently right at the top of the island on the North West Coast.

Stacey launched her first business in the creative media and digital space in 2008, and worked with clients all across Australia. Since 2014 she has moved her business onto a global scale with clients in the UK, New Zealand, and all across the USA.

She has helped hundreds of business owners over the years; whether online in Mastermind groups, private client bookings, ongoing content management, website development, in-person workshops, or at public speaking events.

Not only is she super creative and artistic she has book smarts too – she has completed a diploma in both graphic design and Social Media Marketing and has years of experience with proven successful results.

Stacey is here to help amplify your business and push the boundaries of creativity and branding.

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Combining years of success in visual communication strategy and design, Lycan Swipe is launched – a full service digital marketing agency.


In 2014 Stacey’s business coaching in the digital space took her all across Australia presenting strategies to groups of thousands. Her message has always been about creating connections in the digital space and working with intention, not expectation. She launched Mastermind groups, worked with private clients across the globe, and built a huge social following where she provided valuable and actionable strategies to her audiences.

pre 2008

Stacey has always been that artistic and creative type, and yes she was a ‘scene kid’ all through school. Her first ever job was as a costume designer for a local dance company when she was just in year 8. With a scholarship for music for college in 2004, she studied arts and graphic design. When it was time to adult, Stacey worked in sales, marketing and advertising, and launched her first creative media business in 2008.





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